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A Flaw in the Blood

So Valentine’s Day wasn’t so bad this year after all.  I got back from the gym that night to discover a package from Random House waiting for me.  To say I was excited is that biggest understatement of the year.  I actually put off reading it till Friday night.  You know me I wouldn’t have gone to bed Thursday night, and I had court the next morning.  So now the review….
Most of you know Stephanie Barron as the author of the Jane Austen Mysteries.  However, she has departed from tradition and written a stand alone suspense novel about Queen Victoria.  I know all the history buffs are probably connecting the dots between the title and the character.  The book is an exploration into the 
Here is a picture of the package minus identifying info. 
speculation and innuendo historians have had about Queen Victoria for some time.
The book opens in 1861 at Windsor castle.  Patrick Fitzgerald, the barrister who defended Mr. Oxford (the man responsible for the first assassination attempt on Victoria), has been summoned to the castle accompanied by his ward, Dr. Georgina Armistead.  The Queen, half mad with anguish due to Prince Albert’s typhoid, wants Fitzgerald to sign a paper stating that the investigation he as part of his defense of Oxford was a fabrication of is “Irish” mind.  Fitzgerald refuses.  Prince Albert dies a few minutes after Fitzgerald quits the castle.  Several hours later, Fitzgerald and Armistead are violently attacked in the Queen’s coach.  Fitzgerald wonders was this a failed assassination attempt on the Queen…

I need to find the rest of this review.


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