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The History of England

Welcome to my first ever blog! First things first, I should explaing the title. A Bluestocking is an 1800 term for a women with strong intellectual or literary interest. The name is taken from the Blue Stocking Society, which was a literary circle during this period of time. The “Partial, Prejudiced, and Ignorant” part is my homage to Jane Austen who is my all time favorite author. As a 15 year old girl Austen wrote a short book called, “The History of England by a partial, prejudiced and ignorant historian.” So this is the first book I will review. I know, I know, you were thinking it was going to be Harry Potter. Don’t worry we’ll get to that soon enough.

Austen takes her history from the Shakespeare histories. As a result, she has unrealistic views on the characters of the monarchs that shaped English history. The point of this work was to cannonize Mary, Queen of Scots and villianize Queen Elizabeth I. In the end she admits she failed. It’s short, sweet, and entertaining. Most importantly they sell it at Barnes & Nobles.


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