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It’s all about Mrs. Bennet

In honor of Mother’s day, a character analysis on a literary mom is appropriate. My mom’s favorite literary mother is Mrs. Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. She laughs hysterically at Mrs. Bennet’s antics every time she watches the movies.

So Mrs. Bennet. What do we know about her? Well her maiden name was Gardener. Her father was an attorney in the town of Merryton. She has a sister named Mrs. Phillips and a brother named Mr. Gardener. Mrs. Bennet’s background is indicative of her behavior throughout the book. As the daughter of a tradesman essentially, she is not part of the gentry. As such she has not had a “Lady’s” education. As a result her behavior in the book is vulgar. She talks too much, especially of the advantageous marriage that seems likely to happen between Jane and Bingley. From all sounds of it, she was probably much like her daughter Lydia when she married except she had no scandel attached to her marriage. Her husband was originally attracted to her by her good humour. Of course after their marriage, he learned there was little intelligence behind the good humor and grew apathetic to her. To amuse himself, he made many jokes at her expense. So through the book we she her as the comic relief.

Mrs. Bennet has one goal in life- to see some of her daughters well married. Mr. Bennet’s land is entailed to a distant relative. As a result, Mrs. Bennet and the girls will be turned out on their father’s death. She will do anything to see that happen. Even going so far as to put Jane at risk of becoming seriously ill in order to manufacture a reason for her to spend a week at Mr. Bingley’s residence. Unfortunately Mrs. Bennet’s behavior nearly dooms Jane and Bingley’s relationship. Her behavior certainly does a discredit to her daughter Lydia who was raised to value fun and amusement above all other things. Despite the scandel surrounding Lydia’s marriage, Mrs. Bennet’s character remains as she was at the beginning of the book- comic relief.

Well here’s to all the Mom’s who are conscientous parents and have raised Lizzies and Janes rather than Lydias.



One thought on “It’s all about Mrs. Bennet

  1. The fact that a woman that silly could rear two level-headed daughters like Jane and Lizzy is astounding!! However one must admit Mrs. B does keep things lively.

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