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House by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker

This is the first book I have ever read by Ted Dekker. From what I have read he specializes in psychological thrillers. This was a supernatural psychological thriller. As a collaboration this was well done. Both men’s style of writing blended very well. I definitely hope that they get together again. Incidentally, this book is being made into a movie.

Husband and wife, Jack and Stephanie are on their way to a marriage counseling session. A few years back, their only child Melissa died in a horrible accident that Jack feels was Stephanie’s fault. Stephanie does not want to take responsibility for her part in the accident. As a result of the grief and blame, their marriage has deteriorated.
On their way, they are pulled over by a Police Officer Lawson who sends them on a short cut through the woods to their destination. The next part of the story is extraordinarily predication. Someone strategically places tacks on the road that puncture their tires and leaves them stranding next to an old house that purports to be a hotel.
Once they enter the hotel they meet another couple Leslie and Randy, plus the inbred inhabitants of the house Pete, Betty, and Stewart. As the evening becomes progressively more disturbing, the rules of the game are given.

1. God came to my house and I killed him.
2. I will kill anyone who comes to my house as I killed God.
3. Give one dead body, and I might let rule two slide.
Game over at dawn.

As it turns out the bad guys are Pete, Betty, Stewart, and their demonic master Barsidious White. The four are chase through the house and eventually corralled into the Basement. All four characters are forced to battle their demons. The question is whether they will turn to the Power higher than themselves for salvation or will they rely on their own strength to their destruction.

The book is a perfect illustration of how lost we are in sin without God. The House lives in all. There is a Barsidious White in each of us that seeks to devour us and send us to hell. However, God gives all a means of salvation who call on Him. Those who accept this salvation gain victory over the House.

Who lives? Who dies? Well, you’ll have to read the House. I couldn’t put this one down.


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