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Monster by Frank Peretti

Frank Peretti is one of my favorite Christian authors. He is most known for writing This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness. This modern work is a departure from his early tales that involved heavy angelic and demonic warfare. This book is a science fiction thriller.

It starts off with a husband and wife, Reed and Beck, going off on a wilderness survival trip. Reed is a camping enthusiast and a local deputy. Beck is a writer who allows her speech impediment inhibit her life. After they failed to meet their guide Randy at the rendezvous point, Reed decides that he and Beck will spend the night in the woods and wait for the rest of the camping party Cap and Sing who are to arrive the next morning. That night, they are set upon by something in the woods. That Something carries Beck off into the woods.

Thus starts the mystery and race against the cloc. As it turns out Reed and Beck are not the only people who have been attacked by the Something. That Something has attacked and even killed other people. Local rumor has it that the something is in fact a Sasquatch or “Big Foot.”

While Reed is frantically trying to find his wife, Beck comes to terms with how much she has allowed her speech impediment to handicap her and stifle her ability to take care of herself. Meanwhile Cap and Sing set out to find out what is in the woods.

What is in the woods is a science experiment gone bad- very bad. The local university science professor decided to prove evolution true by splicing human DNA on to primate DNA. After creating a “creature” the professor when on to make other modifications in order to force the adaptation that hallmarks evolution. In some of the experiments, the “creatures” produce are more intelligent primates. In the other experiments, a monster is created which escapes into the woods.

In the end Beck is rescued and comes back a changed woman. Not only has she survived on her own in the wilds, God gives her victory over her speech impediment. Overall it was a good read.


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