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The Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz

A little more fun for all!! If you want, email me your answers. The person with the most right will gert a shout out.

1. What is the name of Dumbledore’s brother?
2. Who came up with the floor plan for Hogwarts?
3. How many stair cases are there at Hogwarts?
4. Who is the Ravenclaw ghost?
5. What is Harry’s middle name?
6. Who was the minister of Magic before Cornelius Fudge?
7. Which one of the Black sisters is the oldest?
8. What is Fleur’s sister’s name?
9. Who is the Keeper of the Keys?
10. What does Dudley resemble as a child?
11. Who is the Hufflepuff ghost?
12. What animal is Marvolo Gaunt described as resembling?
13. What character is named after a Grecian goddess who married a mortal turning her back on her divine origins?
14. Who is described as looking like a lion?
15. Buckbeak is what kind of animal?
16. What kind of animal lives in Wand Trees?
17. What is Professor Grubbldyplanks first name?
18. What is Professor Sprout’s first name?
19. What are Snape’s parents names?
20. Drinking the blood of what will give you a half-life?
21. Name both divination teachers?
22. Trelawney is the descendant of what famous seer?
23. How long does it take to make Felix Felicis?
24. What two things does Hermione smell around Amortentia?
25. Where did James and Lily Potter live?
26. What holiday did the newscaster in Sorceror’s Stone think people were celebrating early?
27. According to the Quibbler, Sirius is another name for what singer of the Hobgoblins?
28. What is the spell to magically magnify one’s voice?
29. What is the severing charm?
30. Who is Sirius’ favorite cousin?
31. What is Tonks first name?
32. Who was the least favorite Headmaster at Hogwarts?
33. Who was the Headmaster when the Chamber of Secrets was first opened?
34. What is the spell for a Patronus?
35. Who was described as having Loser’s Lurgy?
36. What item caused the death of 19 muggles?
37. What charm was placed on the fake Galleons the D.A. used to communicate?
38. Who bit Lupin as a child?
39. What type of car did the Wealsey’s have?
40. Who is the second oldest Weasley child?
41. What was Molly Weasley’s maiden name?
42. Where did Arthur Weasley work prior to being promoted?
43. Kingsly Shacklebolt is in what profession?
44. What is the name of the Wizard High court?
45. What is the spell to conjure the Dark Mark?
46. What is the incantation for the vanishing spell?
47. What is the branch of magic that protects the mind from external penetration?
48. Where did Lord Voldemort’s father live?
49. Who made Harry’s wand?
50. Who is the Irish seeker?
51. What position on the Quidditch Teams did James Potter play?
52. What is Ginny Weasley’s first name?
53. Which siblings brother was kicked by a werewolf attack?
54. Who are the identical female twins?
55. Fleur’s grandmother was a what?
56. Which dragon did Harry battle?
57. What is Bellatrix’s husband’s name?
58. What is Bagman’s first name?
59. What was “Archie” wearing to the World Quidditch cup.
60. What did Bill Wealsey’s pen pal send him?
61. What is the name of the Magical Institute in America?
62. What type of animal is Crookshanks?
63. Who was Percy’s girlfriend?
64. Who is the Weasley family owl?
65. Who named Pigwigeon?
66. In the Sorcorer’s Stone what curse did Ron threaten Hermione and Neville with?
67. What Quidditch team does Oliver Wood play for?
68. How older is Nicolas Flamel in the Sorcer’s Stone?
69. What coat of arms was on Marvolo’s ring?
70. What was the creature in the Chamber of Secrets?
71. What is Neville’s grandmother’s first name?
72. What plant produces stink sap?
73. What substance works on more stubborn forms of acne?
74. Who tried to curse off her pimples?
75. What did Draco look like at the Yule Ball?
76. Which Durstrang student had food down his front?
77. What is the spell for levitation?
78. Who let in the troll?
79. What color sleeping bags did Dumbledore conjure in Prisoner of Azakaban?
80. What do Dementors cause when they breed?
81. In the Sorceror’s Stone which wizard created the shooting stars?
82. Who has a scar that is a map of the London underground?
83. Who was banned from the Hogs Head 20 years ago?
84. Which unspeakable was throttled by Devils Snare in St. Mungos?
85. Frank and Alice Longbottom were tortured by which curse?
86. How many statutes comprised the Magical Brethren?
87. What is Lupin’s boggart?
88. What did Dumbledore said he sees in the Mirror of Erised?
89. What does the inscription above the Mirror of Erised say?
90. Who discovered the 12 uses of Dragon’s Blood?
91. What is the 12th use of Dragon’s Blood?
92. Who has a face like a pug?
93. What is Slughorn’s favorite treat?
94. Voldemort’s wand is made out of what wood?
95. Borgins and Burke is located where?
96. What color is the Knight Bus?
97. What is James Potters Animagus form?
98. What are the Ravenclaw colors?
99. Where does Snape live?
100. How many languages does Barty Crouch Sr. speak?
101. What is the language of goblins?
102. Who is the West Ham soccer fan?
103. Aragog is what type of animal?
104. What is the name of aragog’s wife?
105. Who is the Ravenclaw seeker?
106. What is the ravenclaw mascot?
107. What is the name of Hagrid’s baby dragon?
108. What is the name of Neville’s toad?
109. What wood is Harry’s wand made from?
110. What is the name of Fleur’s sister?
111. What does ginny call Fleur?
112. What was the name of lavender brown’s rabbit?
113. What pulls the school carriages?
114. Which O.W.L.S. examiner asked Harry to conjure a Patronus?
115. Which O.W.L.S. examiner personally examined Dumbledore in Charms?
116. What is the spell to fill the ears of surrounding people with a buzz in order to carry on a private conversation?
117. Who ran the orphanage where Tom Riddle grew up?
118. Which Black started the tradition of beheading elf when they ot really old?
119. What does S.P.E.W. stand for?
120. Who was an heir of Helga Hufflepuff?
121. Who uses Quick Quill Notes?
122. What two ingredients are needed for the Draught of living death?
123. What stone in the stomach of a goat will save you from most poisons?
124. What is the name for a re-animated corpse?
125. Who send the Firebolt?
126. Who was the ghost of the Shrieking Shack?
127. What is the constipation sensation gripping the nation?
128. The silver snuff box that gave Sirius a bite was filled with what?
129. Which skiving snackbox causes boils?
130. Which Slytherin player looked as though they had troll blood?
131. Which was the most popular skiving shack box?
132. Who was the bar keeper of the Leaky Cauldron?
133. Who ran the ice cream shop?
134. Which Death Eater was found dead in a shack up north?
135. Who was killed by the Basilisk?
136. What is the disarming charm?
137. What is the result of cross-breeding a manticore and a fire-crab?
138. What animal does a knarl resemble?
139. What do bowtruckles eat?
140. Who sent the dementor’s after Harry?
141. Which animals are subject to a lot of superstition regarding death?
142. Which muggle-born’s name had been originally put down for Eton?
143. Who betrayed the D.A.?
144. Who was the handsome Hufflepuff?
145. Who was Ginny’s first boyfriend?
146. Tonk’s special ability?
147. What magical candy did Dudley eat?
148. How much does Dobby get paid?
149. Who was Winky’s employer?
150. What candy did Dumbledore offer McGonagall in the first chapter of Sorceror’s Stone?
151. Lord Voldemort is a what of Tom Riddle?
152. The Sorting Hat orginially belonged to which founder?
153. Who does Harry have a magical bond to?
154. What is Magic beyond all that is done at Hogwarts?
155. What marble-like object did Neville receive from his grandmother?
156. It took five Death Eater’s to kill which two brothers?
157. Which Death Eater formerly worked in the Department of Mysteries?
158. Who was wrongly diagnosed with Spattergoit?
159. Who was the five time winner of witches weekly smile contest?
160. Who is the only spirit being of whom Peeves is afraid?
161. The name of the three-headed dog?
162. What is the name of Nicolas Flamel’s wife?
163. To the well organized mind death is but the next _____?
164. The Sorceror’s Stone give what two things unlimitedly?
165. What type of sandwiches does Ron not like?
166. Whose catch phrase is “Wotcher.”
167. What deathday did Sir Nicolas celebrate in the Chamber of Secrets?
168. What club did Sir Nicolas want to join?
169. Who is the Slytherin ghost?
170. What was the first password for the Gryffindor tower?
171. What did Fred and George say the HB on Percy’s badge stand for?
172. How much did Mr. Weasley win in the Dailey Prophet annual draw?
173. What is the Summoning Charm?
174. What is the magical ability to read minds?
175. Where was the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets?
176. How many generations back could Ernie McMillan trace back his pure blood status?
177. Whose mother was found dead in the Half Blood Prince?
178. What do Fred and George call their teen products?
179. Who is the Bulgarian seeker?
180. Who was Harry’s date to the Yule Ball?
181. Who was Ron’s date to the Yule Ball?
182. What did Fred and George invent to eavesdrop on conversation?
183. What did Percy claim was fertilizer samples from Norway?
184. Who was the other wizard that worked with Arthur Weasley in Chamber of secrets?
185. Dumbledore’s brother got in trouble for practicing inappropriate charms on what animal?
186. What is Hagrid’s mother’s name?
187. Where was Voldemort in the intervening years?
188. Which ministry official went to the Gaunt house?
189. Which hex did Harry produce on his first attempt at Occlumency?
190. Who was Neville’s date to the Yule Ball?
191. Arnold the Pygmy Puff is what kind of animal?
192. The Snitch is the mechanize replacement for this animal?
193. Where did Quidditch originate?
194. Which passenger on the knight bus was quite sick?
195. Who was arrested for falsely claiming to be a Death Eater?
196. What was the name of the little girl Tom Riddle took into a cave?
197. How many points does the seeker get for capturing the snitch?
198. Who was the referee at the Quidditch World Cup?
199. What is the remedy for a Dementor encounter?
200. What are Fred and George’s birthdate?


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