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Movie Review: the Order of the Phoenix

Ok! So I went to the IMAX theater in Atlantic City to see the Order of the Phoenix. We were supposed to go Friday night at 7. Unfortunately, the tickets were sold out for that show and the 10 o’clock show. So we went to Cuba Libre and pigged out. The Suntanned Salmon is muy deliciouso!

So this morning we made the 10 a.m. show having purchased our tickets the night before. Ok! So I can see why people like going to Atlantic City. There’s some seriously great shopping in a small area! I mean the Coach Outlet, BCBG, etc. So the theater was in the Tropicana. Why did we drive all the way to A.C. Because 20 minutes of the movie was in 3-D- specifically the battle at the Ministry.

It was really good. I mean we all know they couldn’t include everything. But they modified the story in a away that didn’t chop up the plot too badly. A number of the sub-plots were left out but that’s ok. There were some great lines like when Shacklebolt says, “Dumbledore’s got style.”

The ministry battle was awesome! It’s one thing to read about spells flashing by; however, it’s something completely different when the spells are flashing an inch from your face. So I recommend that you see it in the IMAX.


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