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Spoiler Alerts

Wow the amount of spoilers posted on the web regarding the final books is astounding! I so don’t want to know. My goodness!!!

So you don’t ruin it for yourselves by reading the articles I will give you the basic gist. It appears that someone may have gotten a hold of the book and taken pictures and posted it on the web. Now some of the pictures have been manipulated in photoshop. There are various versions that have inconsistent accounts. I haven’t read any of them and really I don’t want to know. I’m glad that I have off on Friday. But I’m also scared that someone in the bookstore will start running their mouth too much and I’ll overhear something. Hmmmm….. I guess I’ll have my iPod surgical attached for Friday.

I’ll be glad when Midnight on the 21st gets here!!!

Ok. Sorry. didn’t mean to rant.


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