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Alice in Wonderland

Thanks to Dwaine for giving me the idea of reviewing this book this week. I must admit I was quite stuck as to which book I would be reviewing.

Alice is sitting on the bank when a white rabbit ran past her declaring, “I shall be late.” As you well know, Alice follows the white rabbit down the hole and has a curious adventure. She has entered a world were animals can talk, food can make one grow smaller or larger, the poetry doesn’t read properly- in short nothing makes sense! Nothing is logical. Alice finds herself in a world where she, a child, alone makes any sort of sense. Why must the Duchess be cruel to her baby? Why does the baby turn into a pig? How are a raven and writing desk the same? My favorite part of the story is where Alice meets the Queen of Hearts and plays croquet. Were there rules to that game?

Lewis Carroll’s book explores the Freudian concept: What the child already knows the adult has forgotten. To me this book was representative of what a child experiences looking at the adult world. Ever notice how simple things are for children? It isn’t till we become adults that illogic sets in. We have all these deep, circular reasons for behaving as we do. Our logic is so convoluted it begs the question: Can this be logic at all?

The Disney movie made the book more simplistic than I thought it really was. In fact I was quite struck by how crazy Wonderland in fact really was. Anyway, this is a great read for children. Enjoy!


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