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A Wind in the Door

This is the second book in the Time Quintet written by Ms. L’Engle. This story once again deals primarily with Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin. Charles Wallace is having problems at school because he is so different from the other children in school. As a genius son of brilliant scientist parents, he knows things of which even the teachers are ignorant. He tells Meg that he sees a drive of dragons in the garden. Shortly thereafter he becomes ill- deathly ill. At the same time Charles becomes ill, his father, Mr. Murray, has made a disturbing discovery in his study of the cosmos. There appears to be a rip in space and several stars have vanished. He rushes to Washington to deal with the problem leaving his family alone.

Meg goes to the garden looking for the dragons. Instead she meets Proginoskes. What she thought was dragons was actually a cherubim which is composed of wings, eyes, wind and flame. She also meets the Teacher, Blageny. Blageny was sent to get Meg and Calvin (in addition to Proginoskes) to help Charles Wallace. Charles Wallace’s illness is caused by his farandolae.

Farandolae live inside the mitochondria of our cells. Just as mitochondria are independent of us, the farandolae are independent of them. If something is wrong with the farandolae, the mitochondria will die and so will the human host.

Blageny sets three trials that they must pass however he does not tell them what the trials will be. This is where we first see that all the Murray children have destinies. Sandy and Dennys are eventually to become Teachers like Blageny. Charles Wallace has been called to study with the Teachers because he has talent and powers that are needed. Meg is Namer a person with the ability to help people become what they truly are.

Meg, Progo, Calvin, and the school principal, Mr. Jenkins end up going into Charles Wallace’s mitochondria. There they have to battle the Ecthros who are trying to keep Charles Wallace’s farandolae from Deepening. They succeed but they suffer a casualty. Charles Wallace is saved.

I this was great. If it seems hard to understand, its because there is a lot of science fiction terminology. It makes a great deal more sense when you actually read it. There is a blend of sci-fi and religion. The Ecthros that are being battled against are “fallen angels.” We also see that even the smallest among us effects the battle between good and evil.


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