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Star Trek Stargazer: Gauntlet

So now it is time to turn to Star Trek. Many of you are probably familiar with Capt. Picard who was played by Patrick Steward. So we’ll start with some tales from early in his captaining career. Picard became the youngest captain in Starfleet- even younger than James T. Kirk. He received a battle field promotion from an Admiral who retired soon after. Most other captains and one Admiral McAteer resented it. In McAteer’s case, he decided to make and idiot of Picard to have a reason to remove his captaincy.

So the crew of the Stargazer (or the crew around which the story revolves) are Picard, Gilead Ben Zoma (first officer), Phil Greyhorse (doctor), Chief Weapons Officer Vigo, Idun Asmund (helm), Pug Joseph (security), Phigus Simenon (engineering), and Gerda Asmund (navigation).

So Admiral McAteer holds a sector wide meeting to bring all the Captain’s up to speed on how he plans to run the sector. He decides to deal with an ongoing problem in the sector- the pirate White Wolf. The White Wolf had been raiding Starfleet ships and eluding them in the Beta Barritus system. The Beta Barritus star system is unique in that the primary star was classified Lazarus meaning that the start had burned up all of its energy source. Rather than die, the star had managed to resurrect itself. This sort of star reeks havoc on sensors. This time the White Wolf raided a cargo ship carrying exotic and endangered flora headed for research at Starfleet Medical. McAteer decided that the White Wolf needed to be taken care of and the supplies recovered. He decided that Picard was the man because as a young captain he would have a “new” approach.

Well Picard does go after the White Wolf. He used extraordinarily inventive means to overcome the technical difficulties that region of space caused. He had almost made it to the White Wolfs lair when he ran into Denton Greenbriar, the most decorated captain in the fleet. What was more surprising was that Greenbriar was on the side of the White Wolf!!!!

spoiler alert!! spoiler alert!! spoiler alert!!

As it turned out, the White Wolf wasn’t really a pirate but a exobiologist named Emil Carridine. Carridine was mapping new worlds when he found one that was ridiculously rich in latinum. The planet had a pre-sentient species that would have been destroyed in any attempt at mining had been made. Because the world was pre-space flight, the Federation’s Prime Directive would prevent them from doing anything. So he took matters into his own hands and became a pirate. Greenbriar caught him first; but once he realized what the man was doing, he became his ally. Carridine gave the supplies to Picard, and Picard let him go. As you can imagine the rest of the captains in the sector were floored by the fact that Picard recovered the supplies.

Yup this this a great story. I didn’t guess that the White Wolf had help though. But here we see Picards burgeoning talents as a good commander and a diplomat. Of course, you know McAteer isn’t going to take Picard’s victory sitting down. This will be the first of many attempts on his part. Anyway, this is a nice bed time read- well if you read as fast as I do!!!!


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