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Star Trek Section 31: Cloak

So how many of you saw that one Voyager episode called the “Omega Directive?” Ok well this book tells how that came to be. Also you Deep Space Nine fans will see how far back Section 31 actually goes.
Most Star Trek fans know that Kirk and Spock stole a Romulan cloaking device. They turned it over to a couple of Starfleet Admirals (Cartwright being one of them). Their mission was classified, and they never heard about the cloak again…
The story begins with Enterprise finding a derelict ship the Sphinx captained by Jack Casden. Everyone on board is dead. The murderer’s identity is no where to be found in the Federation database. When Kirk contacts the higher-ups, he’s told that Casden was a renegade who was off in Romulan space trying to ensure the survival of the Federation. Kirk isn’t quite sure he buys it especially when the individual investigating the accident (Capt. Gage Darres commander of station M-20) is an old friend of his who knew Casden personally. However, Kirk leaves is alone as he knows his friend will do the right thing.
Meanwhile there is a huge science convention, for lack of better term, going on at M-20. In total Kirkness he picks up Jain Suni who is a research assistant extraordinaire to Dr. Kettaract. Dr. Kettaract is revealed to have very Federation protectionist ideas. He believes Starfleet should be working on a weapon to defeat all the major powers of the quadrant. This causes quite a stir. Suni and Kettarct leave the convention early because they have reached the critical point at one of their experiments.
Then something very strange happens. Darres contacts Kirk with something alarming about his investigation into Casden. “They” know Darres is on to them. The two men decide to meet on Enterprise; however Darres is killed in a transporter “accident.” During their investigation Kirk finds a chip which he has Uhura decode.
Meanwhile Spock has made an interesting discovery about Ketteract. It seems the man was a brilliant scientist. However he lost some of his luster when he published a paper proposing an energy generating artificially created wormhole. The only problem is that the molecule would be so unstable that it would collapse after a fraction of a second. Spock, with inadvertent help from McCoy, has deduced that Kettaract is once again working on the “Omega” molecule and that certain factions with Starfleet used Casden to transfer the cloak to Kettaract’s research lab and that Casden was killed once he realized what was going on.
Kirk and company extrapolate and find the station. Suni and Ketteract left the convention early because their research was about to come to fruition with the creation of the molecule. Spock tried to talk Kettaract out of it explaining the destruction of the laboratory not to mention thedamage the molecule would do to subspace; but Suni took matters into her own hands and started the chain reaction to create the molecule.
Kirk, Spock, and McCoy returned to Enterprise shortly before the explosion. But they were hard pressed to contain the spreading damage to subspace. In the end, several planet ended up cut off light years away from any time of communication or help from Starfleet or indeed the Federation.
After if was all said and done, Kirk had time to look at the chip Darres had in his possession when he was killed. He called a meeting with captains he could trust and showed them the Starfleet Charter. They all saw the words that chilled them to the bone.

An autonomous investigative agency, one that held nonspecific discretionary power over nonspecific Starfleet matters.

The group realized that they couldn’t bring Section 31 down. But they realized they needed to be more vigilant and ask questions when/if they received orders that didn’t make sense.


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