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The Party is Over

Well today is the last day of the 2008 Ultimate Blog Party. It’s been really fun. I visited a ridiculous amount of blogs. In fact, I don’t remember how many. I know I visited a good 40 before the party started. After things got cooking, I lost count. So it looks as though close to 40 people posted on this blog. From the page count, lots more people came through. It looks like 17 people took the quiz thus far. The contest officially ends at midnight. I’ll get those graded ASAP so I can announce the winner. I actually had someone from Columbia answer! A number of women said that they would stop by again. Everyone raved about my coffee machine! So I’m definitely looking forward to next years party. I’m exhausted. I’ve never reviewed as many books in one week. So I’m definitely looking forward to my usual schedule of one or two posts a week.

So for all my new visitors, keep coming back!! I do have some reviews for next week. Also if you check the main blog page you’ll notice there are three new ratings: G-get on with the plot already, SP- speechless, and T- trite. I started thinking about some of the books I would be reviewing shortly and realized I needed a couple new categories. Ahh!! I can hear the speculation already.

So good night all! Happy reading.



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