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Nancy Drew and the Quest of the Missing Map

Ok! So I’m tripping down memory lane. We’re taking a very far walk. Nancy Drew mysteries were my favorite books to read as a young girl.

This story begins with Nancy Drew taking Ellen Smith to Rocky Edge to accept a position teaching a young girl to sing. On the their visit, they are introduced to Trixie Chatham, Ellen’s future charge. While Mrs. Chatham and Ellen discuss the details of her job, Nancy and Trixie explore the grounds. As the pair come across Ship Lodge, Trixie becomes frightened and insists that the cottage is haunted.
The mystery becomes thicker still when Ellen’s father Tomlin Smith tells how his father was a sea captain and split a treasure map between he and his twin brother. Thus Nancy Drew and her stalwart companions George and Bess begin the race to find the lost treasure.

Of course Nancy and company race kidnap, near drowning, and nasty knocks to the skull but they achieve their objective.
This is an excellent series for young girls.. I think it is so funny now, but Nancy Drew never ages! I mean there are so many books in this series but she’s always eighteen years old. Another thing that is pretty funny is that Nancy Drew has no brain damage. I mean this girl has been knocked unconscious in almost every book and chloroformed repeatedly. I mean she should be a vegetable by now!

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