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Cat Among the Pigeons

This murder mystery takes place at the exclusive girls’ school Meadowbrook.

The story starts out with a Middle Eastern prince realizing that he probably would not survive the revolution his in country. As habit with the Middle Eastern ruling families, they have a cache of jewels for security. The Prince gives his trusted pilot the jewels and asks him to smuggle them out of the country to a certain person in England. The pilot, realizes that he is being followed, hides the jewels in the belongs of his niece Jennifer Sutcliffe. What he doesn’t realize is that a woman observes him in this task, enters the room after he has left, and attempts to determine what was hidden.

The pilot and Prince end up being killed in a flying “accident.”

The niece and her mother leave the country. Jennifer is sent to Meadowbrook as a student. That year at Meadowbrook there are several additions- some students and some teachers. One of the students is Princess Shasiata, who was the Prince’s intended wife. An undercover agent, Adam Goodman, is sent to the school to keep an eye on the Princess as a gardener. The year starts off well…..

But things are in flux at Meadowbrook. The Headmistress wants to retire, but who will replace her. Meadowbrook is a private non-conventional school. The education is custom made, therefore it attracts the elite. So there are three murders and a kidnapping. One of the students tell Hercule Poirot. I didn’t figure out who the killer was. Obviously it had to be a woman. But everyone had stories and alibis that checked out. It was interesting because a lot of the story dealt with people who had been in the Resistance during WWII.

This story is rated

I really did like the convoluted plot. I was amazed by how many schemes were going on in this plot. Usually there is just one set of criminals. Definitely buy this one.


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