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The Woman in White

By Wilkie Collins.

This is the first real detective novel. The story is told in a very interesting fashion. The story is told from the perspective of several characters. It’s really interesting because you get to see more of what is actually happening than you would if you were seeing things from one person’s point of view.

The story starts told from the perspective of Walter Hartright who encounters a woman dressed in white. She warns him of a man with rank and title. He suspects she has escaped from an asylum.

He goes onto Cumberland as an art tutor for Marian Halcombe and her half-sister Laura Fairlie. The woman in white bears an uncanny resemblance to Laura. He tells both women the strange occurrence; all three determine to discover the truth. Walter and Laura fall in love but Laura is promised to another- Sir Percival Glyde.

Glyde has a dirty little secret, and he has gone through a great deal to make sure it stays hidden including murder. But Walter Hartright discovers the truth in the end.

This book is rated

This was the first book by Wilkie Collins I had ever read. It was long- 617 pages. The story moved slow. But, I was blown away when the mystery was revealed. I don’t think there is any way possible anyone could figure it out. But hey, prove me wrong.


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