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Stepping Heavenward

This book is a fictional diary account of the life of Katherine Mortimer. She starts the diary as a way of having a reminder as the sort of creature she is. When the book starts she is 16 years old. Although the time is 1813, Katie is the typical teenager- selfish, self-absorbed, temper-proned and slightly hysterical. But God brings circumstances to mature her starting with the death of her father. Then there was the ill-fated romance with an unbeliever, Charlie. Katie ends up in the most unlikely romance with Dr. Earnest Elliot. She is spirited, and he is probably the most undemonstrative man in the world. She unfortunately begins her marital bliss with her father-in-law and sister-in-law living with them. Although they are a constant source of irritation to her, they do temper her hot-head. She becomes a mother to six children but loses her eldest. In addition, she struggles with a weak constitution throughout her life. At the end of the book, it is clear that she is dying. But what a long way she has come.

I think what I really liked about this book is that the character Katie was very real. She had real struggles. I could definitely identify with the character. This book definitely gave me encouragement when I was younger. It was a period during my life were I felt that I could do nothing right in the sight of my mother. I would highly recommend it for teenaged girls.

I thought the first person point of view was an extraordinarily effective way to tell the story. Often we envy people because they look so calm, collected, and spiritual on the outside. We never see the battle that rages within them. I personally think this book would have been vapid tripe if the story had been told in third person. In fact I probably wouldn’t have finished reading it. I know what I would have been thinking was, “Here is yet another oh-so-perfect, oh-so-holy girl.” Not to mention, doesn’t reading about perfection in women get so boring? What would be the point of continuing to read the book. It’s the character flaws that advance the plot!!!!! If you disagree, please leave it in the comment section. Discussion is good. Just keep your remarks respectful. If you email me comments, I will put them in the comment section anyway.

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