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The Judge decided to consolidate the injunction hearing and trial in JKR/WB versus RDR books

Ok! So the judge in this case has decided to consolidate the hearing in this matter with the trial. It makes better sense than trying to do it in two parts. Because the injunction really depends in large degree on whether the Plaintiffs can succeed at trial. This area of law is not very clear so it would be hard to determine who would succeed at trial. According to the documentation I saw the trial is to start March 23, 2008. I doubt it will start then. Trials usually get postponed at least once. Not to mention, JK Rowling has a lawsuit in England that she needs to be present for.

I’m not sure either side has completed their discovery really! But I suppose time is of the essence. Because if RDR isn’t liable of copyright infringement, then this suit has really set RDR back in terms of profit from the book. It will be interesting to see whether this suit hurts the sales of the Lexicon. Well I’ll keep you all posted.


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