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Star Trek Terek Nor: Day of the Vipers

This book explores how the Cadassian Occupation of Bajor came to be.

The Cardassian world was in a great deal of trouble. Because they were so militaristc in nature most of their planet’s resources were used for war materiale. As a result the people of Cardassia were starving. Rather than abandon their war like tendnecies they co-oped worlds into providing them with resources in exchange for “helping” those worlds advance. Bajor was such a world.

Bajoran civilization hadn’t changed in millenia. They had a caste system known as D’jarras. Theie caste system was the reason they were denied entrance into the Federation. Theirs was a strongly spiritual world. Their faith in the Prophets permeated every aspect of their lives. The Bajorans had plenty; the world screamed of excess. It seems as though once the Bajorans reached the pinacle of their civilization they spent that point forward maintaining that point. Unfortunately the Bajorans were also isolationist. They disliked and even distrusted aliens.

The Cardsssians picked up on the fact that the Bajorans needed outside impetus to overcome their stagnation. They decided to annex Bajor by engineering situations in which the Bajorans needed to rely heavily on Cardassia’s advanced technology. They exploited Bajor’s religion by including Cardassian zealots- Oralians in the welcome wagon. Then they had the Oralian leader ask for sanctuary for their religion. The Military used the transport of these zealots to mask the creation of military bunkers.

Anyway a lot of Bajorans die mysteriosly. Of course the Bajorans are none the wiser. Well some people had more brains and questioned thing but their life expectancy dropped dramatically.

In this book we are introduced to Skrain Dukat the nemesis of Sisco as well as Alynna Nechayev the future head of Starfleet Intelligence. We also see the Obsidian Order at work. Not to mention glimpse the inner working of Cardassian culture.

I liked it. The book moves slow but that’s because there was a great deal of. Set up. Definitely a must read for those who want to know the history of the Bajoran Occupation.

This book can be summed in the expression “Beware Greeks bearing gifts.”


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