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The Murders in Rue Morgue

This story features Poe and Dupin once again. In fact this seems to be the first time the two men meet. There is the whole psycological discussion like in The Purloined Letter but it takes place at the beginning of the story rather than the middle.

The story begins with the men walking together down the street. As the approach the Rue Morgue (Mortuary Street in French). There is a bit of commotion.

There are aweful sounds of an attack coming from a locked home. When the crowd finally breaks the door the most gruesome sight meets them. A room is utterly ransacked. There are bloody tresses of gray hair laying about and copiuos amounts of blood. Stragelt enough there are no bodies. A search is commenced for the inhabitants of the house- a mother and daughter. The daughter is found stuffed up the chimney and it takes 6 men to pull her out. The mother is found in the backyard decapitated. Both women were brutally throttled before death.

As you can well imgane this murder puzzles the authorities. What is more puzzling still is that the would be rescuers heard two voices. One strill and the other deep. One voice was definitely French; the other voice was described as being either French, Italian, Russian, German, or American. Funny enough the people hearing the voices were of different nationalities- namely French, Italian, and American. Then there was how the intruder entered. They clearly didnt use any of the doors.

What type of murderer kills the people, leaves the gold, and enters and leaves without a trace? I’m not telling!!!

This was a great story. Actually someone made this story (which is really short) into a movie. Its an old movie. They added more complexity to the tale-not to mention more murders. This one is more of a thriller than the Purloined Letter. So enjoy. If you read it, let me know if you guessed the ending before Dupin’s big reveal.


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