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Happy Birthday to the Bluestocking Guide

Hello everyone, it’s my blogaversary!!! I cannot believe that it’s been a year that I’ve had a blog. This post is the 210th post. It’s been really fun. Hopefully this second year will be even better than last year. When I first started it seemed like I was the only person actually visiting the blog. Rarely did anyone leave comments. But now, there are comments, and the page counts are getting much higher. Hopefully one day there will be 1,000 hits per page. But I guess that’s a few years down the road. 

Anyway, although its TBG’s birthday, I’ve got gifts for you my readers who have made the year special. Drumroll please!!!!!!

Blidgets. I know you just can’t get enough of TBG, so I created a blidget that you can put on your blog. It lists the most recently posts. That way you can really keep up with what’s going on over here. There are two sizes. Just click on the tab that says “Get Widget.”


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