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Mother’s Day Character Analysis: Molly Weasley

It is Mother’s Day again. Last year I did a character analysis on Mrs. Bennet. This year I’m doing it on another great literary mom- Molly Weasley. 

What do we know about Molly Weasley. For starters, she is a pure blood. Her maiden name was Molly Prewett. She had two brothers named Fabian and Gideon, who were original members of the Order of the Phoenix. Mad Eye Moody said that it took five Death Eaters to kill them both. So she knows first hand what it is like to lose family to Voldemort’s minions. She met Arthur Weasley while at Hogwarts. Both were members of Gryffindor House. We can easily conclude from this that she is probably more of a force with which to be reckoned than is initially realized. Molly and Arthur like many couples during their time married right away because Voldemort was making his first bid for power and life was uncertain for everyone. Despite this dangerous time, Molly brought 7 children into the world. 

When we first meet Mrs. Weasley, she is escorting four of her children to school. She is the first true mother type figure that Harry encounters. She is kind to him. Not only does she tell him how to cross the barrier, she also forbids her children from asking him about the night his parents died. We also see that she is responsible for giving Harry his first Christmas. In the Chamber of Secrets, we see that Molly is a bit of a she bear. Fred, George, Ron, and even Mr. Weasley are a bit frightened of incurring her wrath. Despite her fierce mien, it is clear that her anger is due to the fear that her loved ones are in danger. Throughout the Prisoner of Azkaban and the Goblet of Fire we see her as primarily as the stereotypical worry wort of a mother. She’s always fussing over Harry. 

The Order of the Phoenix is when we start to see Molly’s development into more than merely the stay at home mom. First thing we notice is that she has gotten over her fear and distrust of Sirius. Next we see that both she and Arthur have joined the Order. Here we see the beginnings of her bravery. She has lost two brothers in the Order but yet she joins knowing fully well that she and her husband could die and leave Ron and Ginny without anyone to look after them. Later on in the book we find out from Sirius that Molly was on a mission for the Order. In the Half-Blood Prince, we see Molly return to primarily a house wife role. It isn’t till Deathly Hallows that we get a true appreciation for the fact that Molly is a Gryffindor. In the last several chapters of the book, Molly is one of several of the Order that returns to Howgwarts for the final battle. Despite being the warriors, she’s a mom first and roundly scolds the twins for bring their underaged sister Ginny with them for the final battle. During the most of the battle we don’t see Molly. It’s not clear if she is fighting or if she is putting her healing skills to work. The first we see Molly during the battle, she is mourning the death of Fred. Despite her grief she provides a stark contrast to Narcissa Malfoy. Whereas when Draco is in danger, Narcissa is pretty much paralyzed and unable to do anything besides beg to see her son, Molly continues fighting. Rather than allowing her grief, to make her frightened; she uses her grief to empower her and make sure no one else has to lose a child. 
Next we see Molly everyone has returned to the Great Hall. Hermione, Ginny, and Luna are battling Bellatrix. Now how have to interject at this point that I don’t think much of Bellatrix’s fighting skills. She is fighting three teenagers and is unable to kill them all in short order. I would have expected more from Voldemort’s best lieutenant. I digress! Bellatrix tries to kill Ginny and misses her by a hair’s breath. Next we hear, “NO MY DAUGHTER YOU B****!” I know there was profanity, but I have to tell you that this is my favorite line of the whole series. The battle between Bellatrix and Molly begins. On one hand we have Bellatrix’s obessive lust for Voldemort. On the other hand we have the awesome protectiveness of a mother combined with the deadly skill of a warrior. Is it any questions that Molly wins? Bellatrix clearly, like her master, puts no stock in love. She should have. How quickly the Death Eaters forgot that Lily Potter’s sacrifice for her son is what destroyed Voldemort the first time. As I read the section detailing the battle I got a strange feeling. It was like watching a really bad thunderstorm where a funnel for a tornado was forming but didn’t touch down (yes, I did see that happen before). It is beautiful in a dangerous sort of way. As amazing as it looks, you know it will reek devastation once it reaches you. I guess that’s why Dumbledore described the Love room in the ministry as being a force of nature and being wonderful yet more terrible than death. Bellatrix should have taken care. It is unwise to battle a creature who does not care if they die; they have nothing to lose. Usually that means they won’t lose. And Molly didn’t lose. 

Molly is what I think all mother’s should be- loving but dangerous. So here’s a toast to all the moms who are she bears to their little cubs.

happy mother’s day
Just for fun, come see how I’m spending my Saturday preparing for Mother’s Day


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