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Contest No. 1- The Literature Test

Here is the literature test. The dead line for completing the test is May 19. The prize is a $50 gift card
to Barnes & Noble. Please don’t cheat. If you prefer, you can download the fileLiterature Test.doc

1. How many times was Hector dragged around the city of Troy?
2. Harriet Smith’s father was of what profession?
3. True or False Luke Skywalker has less Force potential than Anakin Skywalker?
4. Which character in Pride and Prejudiced had the “appearance of goodness?”
5. What character in Alice in Wonderland smoked a hooka?
6. What animal’s poison killed Cleopatra?
7. This character in a work by Oscar Wilde was described as being an “Adonis.”
8. What was the nationality of Boba Fett?
9. What epic character gave a monster the following as his name “Noman”?
10. Name the apocolyptic Four Horseman?
11. Who was the Minatour’s mother?
12. How many children did Cleopatra actually have?
13. Who was David Copperfield’s first wife?
14. What man helped the faux bull frame for the Minatour’s mother?
15. Who became the Sith Lord after Darth Bane?
16. Whose was Maria Betram’s fiance?
17. Which goddess sprung from the head of Zeus fully grown?
18. By what title did Amy March call her husband Laurie?
19. What goat herder judged a “divine” beauty contest?
20. Which god sprung from Hera’s head?
21. Who killed Mara Jade Skywalker?
22. The movie Cruel Intentions is based upon which book?
23. What was the name of Meg O’Keefe’s dog in the Swiftly Titling Planet?
24. “Of shoes, and ships, and sailing wax, of cabbages and kings” is a line from what book?
25. Who was Helen of Troy’s slighted husband?
26. What Greek character’s name means “twice loved”?
27. The city of Troy was the favorite of which Olympian god?
28. Which Olympian god did Odessius slight, which caused all of his misfortunes?
29. What were the names of Meg March’s children?
30. The Charge of the Light Brigade recounts what war?
31. If you “shot an arrow in the air” according to the poem where does it land?
32. Who was Cupid’s love?
33. What is Sherlock Holmes addiction?
34. What is Miss Marple’s code name?
35. Who is the only mortal Gorgon?
36. “A rolling stone gathers no moss” is a reference to which classical myth?
37. Sharku was the orc word referring to which character?
38. Which noted fantasy writer poked fun at the hero’s journey by having the main character fail to complete his mission?
39. The following statement “of rears and vices I have seen enough” was made by what Austenian character?
40. In Emma what was the answer to the riddle Mr. Elton sent her?
41. What poem begins, “The gingham dog and the calico cat, side by side on the table they sat”?
42. “The bolt of Tash falls from above” is from what book?
43. In Star Wars, the Corellian system is made of how many worlds?
44. What did Silas Marner name is adopted child?
45. Which Agatha Christie story featured Prince Imhotep?
46. What is the better part of valor?
47. “A pound of flesh not an ounce of blood” is from what play?
48. “Three Blind Mice” was played before murder was committed in which Agatha Christie play?
49. Which two Grecian gods were lovers who were literally ensnared in a trap?
50. Making the black rocks of Brittany disappear was the theme in which Canterbury Tale?

Good luck!!!!


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