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The Bluestocking Guide Introduces: Steven Faulkner

Steven Faulkner is a first time author. His book is being published by none other than RDR Books. I have searched the internet desperately for a biography on this man. Alas! The only biography I could find was the one in the back of his book, which I received as a review copy from RDR books. So I will copy it here. Hopefully this weekend I will get to read it. I’ll have to squeeze it in between the three depositions for which I am preparing. 

Steven Faulkner teaches Creative Writing at Longwood University, a beautiful school in the forested hills of southern Virginia. He has published essays in DoubleTake, Wisconsin Trails magazine, Southern Humanities Review, Dos Passos Review, and other journals. One essay was anthologized in Beacon’s Best of 1999.

He was for many years a truck driver, roofer, grave vault make, newspaper and doughnut delivery driver, and for fourteen years, a carpenter. He returned to college, working nights to support his wife and seven children, and acquired the necessary degrees from the University of Kansas. He has been married to his wife Joy for 34 years. His oldest son, David, designed the maps for this book, and his second son, Seth, designed the cover. Both are art directors and graphic designers in Kansas City. This is Steven Faulkner’s first book.


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