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Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old Clock

This week, I tracked down an original copy of this book. I intend to do a write up on the bookstore. It really is worth a visit if you are in Philadelphia.

♣ Nancy is 18
♣ Nancy drives a convertible
♣ Hannah Gruen is more a member of the family
♣ Nancy finds out about the situation from the Turner sisters
♣ Allie and Grace’s surname is Hoover
♣ Helen is much older (in book 2 she is engaged)
♣ The fortune is distributed more equally among the beneficiaries.
♣ Allie uses her money to take singing lessons.
♣ Nancy is a lot more refined.

♣ Nancy is 16
♣ She drives a roadster
♣ Hannah Gruen is more a servant
♣ Nancy already knows about the will
♣ Allie and Grace Horner tell her of the “other will.”
♣ The servant at the Topham’s bungalow is a drunk.
♣ There is a gun battle between the police and the thieves.
♣ The Horners receive half of the estate
♣ Allie uses her money to invest in a chicken farm
♣ Nancy is high handed in her manner.

Which do I like better? The original is very interesting. When I purchased the book, the store owner said that Nancy Drew was the real first feminist book. I can see why he said that. I think the original Nancy has more character. She definitely embodies the flapper ideals and the Jazz rebellion of that time. I think the revised Nancy is more of a demure 50’s kind of lady. I purchased another original. I’m on the look out for 19 more! When I read the next one, which unfortunately is out of chronological order, I will let you know.


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