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I Should Have Stayed Home: Food

All right! I finished this book this afternoon. What a thoroughly entertaining book it was too! It is really funny. This book is a collection of dining experience that various people from various walks of life have had while traveling internationally mostly. There are some U.S. fiascos too!

Silk worm larvae, bull testicles, cockroaches, food fights with a deadly weapon, and all manner of loathsome diseases from eating unsanitary food… These people have had some serious experiences. Remarkably enough they have kept the bad experiences in perspective. I don’t know that I could have done that. One of these days I plan to travel the world. I know one thing for sure, if I don’t recognize it; I ain’t eating it. I don’t think I’ll ever view eating in a restaurant the same way again.

This is a great read for those train riders (like me). I often have difficulty reading longer books on the train. Not that I can’t read them. I just feel so disconnected when I have to get off the train. I don’t get that feeling when I read short stories. Maybe it’s because there is closure.

Anyway, I do believe there is a series of I Should Have Stayed Home books. One day when I clear some my back reading, I ‘ll be able to get to them.


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