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The Joy of Pregnancy

I would like to state for the record, NO I’M NOT PREGNANT!!!!!

I received this from a publicist for review. Anyway, pregnancy is a very interesting issue. It seems sometimes quite mysterious, especially if you’re a vestal virgin like yours truly. The amount of people I know that are pregnant is staggering. I’m sure all the pregnant women I know have been reading the pregnancy manuals. So I thought I’d read one too! I don’t want to be left out.

I thought this was a very easy yet informative read. It did freak me out a little. No wonder so many women used to die in child birth before modern medicine. But I will say this book freaked me out a lot less than looking at information online. This book deals with things from both the husband and wife’s perspective. It breaks things down by month. It does give you things to look out for- like bleeding, rashes, and fever; but it doesn’t give you a laundry list of possible causes. It also gives post birth tips like dressing your baby, bathing, diaper changing, and what to pack in your diaper bag so you don’t end up with P.I.S.S. There is also a glossary and checklists galore! Also there is pertinent Q & A throughout the book. Some of the stories are rather entertaining.

So for any of you out there who are first time around pregnant or have been there and done that, you may want to invest in this little book. I think you won’t be disappointed!


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