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De Marco Empire

This is the first living English author that I’ve had request a review. This book arrived literally the day after Christams. I think it is so funny that had there been mail on Christmas Day, this would have been one of my presents because I didn’t receive a single book.
This story starts in the present then goes to the past so the reader understands how we got there. The story opens with Katie DeMarco going to trial for the murder of her husband Antonio on their wedding night. She is represented by her one-time boyfriend Matt Carmichael who vows not only to keep her safe but get her off.
In the next chapter, we jump several years into the past. Katie Saunders and Lucy Carmichael are getting ready for a night out on the town to celebrate Lucy’s 20th birthday. The girls are each others foils. Katie is tall, skinny, dark and a bit naive. Lucy is short, buxom, blonde and more on the shrewd side. Katie and Michael are dating. The girls head to Club La Pregheira the new ritzy nightclub that’s opening that night. Oh course the girls don’t really have a way to get into this exclusive club, so they tell the bouncer that they are their for the croupier job. Luck favors them that night. The manager Veronica does hire them as waitresses because they look more presentable than the women she had been getting. That first night, they eat on the house for free. While they are there Antonio DeMarco comes in with his current girlfriend Sasha (who is not a nice woman). Antonio notices Katie right away. The next day they start their job.
Well things get started with a bang because DeMarco comes to the restaurant again with Sasha. Their usual waitress is out so Katie is assigned to their table because she is more demure than Lucy who would probably tell Sasha off in an instant. Things don’t go so smoothly because Katie snaps and insults Sasha. Rather than be offended and fire Katie, Antonio laughs and sees to it that Katie keeps her job. Thus the romance begins.
The reader is swiftly introduced to all the people of this type of world. There is Antonio’s brother Giani and his fiancee Felicia. There is Stevo, Tania, etc. It seems that everyone except for Katie and Lucy has a past. Anyway, once Gianni realizes how his brother feels about this girl, he threatens Matt to stay away from Katie lest his sister come to harm.
Katie and Antonio have a tortured romance. Sasha does not like being dumped so she attacks Katie. Then of course, Antonio behaves in quite a macho fashion and does not want Katie to work. Behind all this romance is a darker side. There seems to be a family war going on. The DeMarcos seem to have ousted the Calvi family from La Preghira in Umbria Italy. It would appear that the locals supported this decision. The Calvi brothers had Antonio’s mother, father, and sister killed in a car accident. Then the brothers went underground. Now bad things are starting to happen. It seems the Calvi brother are after the DeMarcos. Not only have the DeMarco brothers made enemies in Italy, it appears they have angered some Irish mobs.
Katie and Lucy end up in a lot of danger. Sad thing is neither of them realize it. When Lucy realizes it, she ends up paying the ultimate price for it. Lucy’s death sends Katie reeling. It is 5 years before she marries Antonio. She decides to make herself a business women independent of her fiancee. On their wedding night, Katie finds Antonio dead. The real question is: “Who doesn’t want Antonio dead?” The long and short of it is that everyone in this story has a motive for killing Antonio. I won’t tell you who it is.
I liked this story. Now there was strong language, but this a mafia style story so it is to be expected. It was rather interesting reading a mafia story with a British accent though. I’m used to The Last Don or The Godfather. It was different to see British slang.
I liked Lucy as a character. I liked that she had gumption. I really didn’t like Katie (that’s not to discredit the writer. I think Katie was well-written and probably typical). I understand glitz and glamour. But I don’t get Katie’s attraction for Antonio. First off he was a bit chauvanistic. Then he spies on her and is very secretive. Katie was warned by other people who knew Antonio better. And she soft balled her questions, and gave in when she didn’t get a direct answer. Now granted I may be a little harsh. For me interrogation is as natural as breathing as I am a lawyer. I don’t give up easily. I’m sure she suspected that some of his activities were on the illegal side but… Honey there aren’t enough roses in the world. I’d rather marry a boring chemist and be truly happy then marry some rich, hot guy like Antonio and have to deal with a high body count. The amount of people dying around me would have freaked me out beyond belief! Oh but at the end of the story, Katie finds out that she is pregnant. One of the Calvi brothers is still alive so I smell a sequel.
So what about you reader? Do you like Godfather type stories? What do you think of women who fall for the bad boys like this? Oh this book is not available in bookstores like Barnes & Noble or Borders. You can order it on Amazon (note the link) or


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