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Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor

This story takes place soon after Return of the Jedi but prior to Han and Leia getting married. The death of the Emperor and Darth Vader has only served to fracture the the Empire. There are splinters that still need to be stamped out by the New Republic. The most dangerous of the factions is lead by Lord Shadowspawn who appears to have been on of the Emperor’s lieutenants. He and his shadowtroopers operate out of Mindor, a planet. Shadowspawn has made this particular planetary system hazardous by laying gravity mines as well as gravity interdictors. What this means is that any New Republic ships can only get so close before they are pulled out of hypespace.

Skywalker plus a good sized portion of the New Republic fleet go to Mindor. These shadow pirates overwhelm them. In fact Luke is forced to crash land his capital ship on the planet. It appears that Lord Shadowspawn’s design is to have Luke be crowned the new emperor. So he manipulates Luke into his lair. But of course, LUke doesn’t want to be the new emperor. So Luke and Shadowspawn fight. Luke senses that Shadowspawn’s intent is that Luke kill so of course Luke doesn’t oblige. He defeats the man and discovers through the Force that the man under the Shadowspawn headdress isn’t realy Shadowspawn- just a puppet being controlled by someone else. Of course the real brains of this operation incapacitates Luke. The real Shadowspawn had been in the Outerrim. It turns out that he belonged to some sort of philosophical group that believes that the Force is Dark. Since all things die, the end goal is destruction of everything. Shadowspawn believes that the reason the Emperor failed because he stopped destroying and tried ruling. Lord Shadowspawn has also mastered many Sith alchemy techiques. Strangely enough though, he does not seem to have force abilities like telekenisis.

Anyway, Leia, who is in the middle of negotiations, senses that Luke is in trouble, so Han and Chewie rush to his aid. Leia leaves the negotiations to Lando to help. When Lando finds out, he quickly settles the negotiations and joins the group as well. Anyway, Shadowspawn realizes after Luke escapes that he didn’t plan very well. But not to worry, he discovers that Luke has a twin who is on the planet so he goes after Leia. But he isn’t able to control her either. It seems Shadowspawn created this lattice that binds itself to a person’s nervous system. He intended to transfer his consciousness to Luke and then Leia and take over the galaxy himself. Luke is able to defeat Shadowspawn once and for all, the planet implodes, and all the good guys get away.

This story is different from the rest in the series. It read like a drama. In the beginning of the story Luke asks an investigator to gather evidence against him. See in all the destruction over 50,000 died. Luke feels responsible. In addition, everyone and their moms is cashing in on Luke and Han’s fame by making movies and adventure stories about them. Some details went awry- like the fact that Darth Vader killed the Emperor because he was jealous that Luke was going to take his spot; and that Luke killed Vader in revenge. The man who investigates Luke, instead of coming back with a serious report writes the novel Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. So it’s a story within a story. How does this fit into the Star Wars universe? I don’t know. Maybe some of that Sith alchemy will make its way into the galaxy and cause more problem. All of the Star Wars tales are related, so this one will be too. This story was just ok for me. It was light and breezy, and it partially quenched my Star Wars thirst till Star Wars Coruscant Nights III Pattern of Force came out on January 27, 2009.


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