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Star Trek A Singular Destiny

This book follows Star Trek Destiny Book III Lost Souls. All major powers of the Alpha Quadrant are trying to put the pieces of their worlds back together. The amount of traumatic fallout is immense. Resources are stretched to the limit. Each world in the Federation must take a certain number of refugees for their sector.

The first indication that the reader gets that something is wrong is when a refugee ship is turned away from the the world Zalda. As a result the refugees end up being taken in by Cestus III the home world of President Nanietta Bacco. Of course when the representative from Zalda is informed of the incident they storm out and as a result leave the Federation.

Then there are problems with the already fractured Romulan Empire. The portion of the Empire led by Tal’Aura needs desperate aid. The Aventiss Captained by Jadzia Dax is sent to Donatra who leads the Senate to convince them to help their fellow Romulans. To ensure that this goes smoothly, Bacco sends Sonak Pran to negotiate. Pran had been an advisor to former President Zife until the start of the Dominion War. He has the ability to talk to anyone. He can also see patterns.

He successfully convinces Donatra to offer aid to Tal’Aura. Strangely enough, Tal’Aura refuses both the Federation’s aid as well as Donatra’s aid even though it is clear to everyone that her people badly need supplies. In fact one Centurior (Romulan soldier) tells them that if it were up to him he would accept help. Pran begins to suspect something.

Meanwhile on the Klingon front, the Kinshaya have once again reared their ugly heads. It appears that the Kinshaya have conquered one world but also it seems that they are using Breen weapons. They have taken over one worthless world on the Klingon/Federation border. This world is a valuable trade route.

Meanwhile on Capella, the home world of Admiral Aktaar, a private group is trying to upgrade Capella’s mining operation. But someone has attacked the mine. It appears that is a rogue group on Capella that are anti- Federation. The Aventiss is sent to investigate this. When Pran learns of the other events (the Kinshaya and the Zaldans) her starts doing some research. He realizes that something is afoot. He gets permission from Dax to go to Zalda to talk the former federation representative who is a friend. It turns out that the footage showing the Zaldans refusing refugees was fabricated.

As Pran, Dax, and S.C.E. (Starfeet Corp of Engineers) continue to investigate they discover that there is a group working to subvert the Federation. Once the group is outed, the Tholian ambassador goes to Bacco and informs her that the Tholians, Kinshaya, Tal’Aura’s Romulan contingent, and the Breen have formed an alliance called the Typhon Pact.

So as you can well imagine this Typhon Pact is about to cause trouble for the Federation and its allies. I’m wondering who is in a better position right now. In the Destiny books we see that both Romulan contingents, the Klingons, and the Federation suffered a great deal at the hands of the Borg. With this Pact, it is unknown what they suffered. At the end of the story, the news of this new pact gets out. Everyone panics and declares the formation of the Typhon Pact an “Act of Agression.” Pran is the one voice of reason. He opines that the Typhon pact is similar to the alliance that Earth, Vulcan, Andor, and Tellerus made during the days of Archer. He reminds us that although history accords this step as peaceful, any onlookers during that time might have interpreted this action as “aggressive.” I think Pran’s insight is right.. I also think that very few people will listen to what he says. In the end I think the Federation and allies might create a self-fulfilling prophesy so to speak. They may end up causing another war because they’ve decided without further evidence that this group is aggressive. So the fun begins.

Next week we will return to A Time to Be Born series.


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