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Anne Cordwainer

Here is the bio Anne gave me. Just so you know, she doesn’t think she’s interesting. Of course her bio suggests otherwise.

Anne Cordwainer has been writing fiction since the age of
eight, when she began a series of closet dramas. These
starred her collection of teddy bears as cute, furry
extraterrestrials with anger management problems. She
produced seven space operas in this series, as well as one
Western spin-off, before abandoning the spacefaring teddy
bear genre in favor of dreadful Pern fanfic.

She continued writing fiction as an adult, but never showed
it to anyone outside her family until an overpowering need
for intellectual stimulation led her to institute “Story
Time” as a daily feature on a social forum. Other forum
members became accustomed to the entertainment, even relying
on it to help them get through tough days. Anne eventually
ran out of fables and fairy tales, but hated to disappoint,
so she finally allowed others to see her original work.

Reaction was so strongly positive that Anne reconsidered her
amateur status and began offering full-length stories to
magazines. Soon an editor gave her the kiss of the crown,
confirming that she really was good enough, and she’s never
looked back.

Well, hardly ever.

My review of the book will be up tomorrow. Anne’s post as well as the podcast will be up on Monday. Oh Anne has a page on Facebook which can be found here.


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