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Coruscant Nights III: Patterns of Force

We have what is probably the final installment of this series.

The group is approached by a man who essentially betrayed Loran’s father. The man wants the droid to assassinate the Emporer. Strangely enough I-Five agrees to consider it. This fractures the group. Some feel the droid would be perfect as he cannot be read in the Force. The others-including Jax- are afraid Five will be destroyed.

Meanwhile there are the Inquistors roaming the streets looking for Force sensitives to capture. One gets the attention of the Inquisitors as well as Jac and Laranth. This kid is powerful and untrained. Despite his lack if training this kid could give even Vader a run for his money if not beat him out right.

The kid easily defeats the Inquisitor using techniques no one had ever seen before. Jax and Laranth befriend the boy (Kajin) and decide to train him as a Jedi. This presents a problem because the Kajin is so powerful that Force dreams and the like can be dangerous due to his lack of control.

Vader has everyone looking for this boy-even the local police! In fact the Inspector pays Jax a visit and reveals he knows that he is a Jedi. He wants Jac to trust him, but one can’t be too careful where Vader is concerned.

The groups finds an intersting way to shield the boy. Dejah’s former artistic lover made light sculptures using a substance that most beings utilize fir their neurosystem. This crystal blocks the ability to sense the Force. So they transfer Kajin to a warehouse full of these light sculptures so that he can be trained in safety. This discovery proves to be quite damaging to Dejah who belongs to a species that feeds off of the emotions of others. She realizes that her deceased lover was hiding from her emotionally.

More disturbing still about Dejah is that she has been using her pheromones to influence Jax. It appears the Force isn’t enough to block the phermones. In fact Jax realizes that Dejure used her pheromones to keep him from developing a romantic relationship with Laranth. He misread Laranth as shutting him out. As you can imagine he’s not too happy.

In addition to all this, Rhinnan is growing quite obsessive with his desire for the bota. He tries desperately to discover who has it. His plan is to use it to try to become Force Sensitive. He enlists (covertly) Dejah into helping find out what happened to the bota.

Back to the assassination plot. The group decides to to forward with it. Jax has major reservations about the whole thing because he discover that Five has enough self-awareness to make him readable in the Force.

Shortly before the assassination attempt, Laranth and Kajin are kidnapped. As the Inquisitors knew exactly where to find the pair there is a traitor.

The remainder of the group decide that the assassination attempt is the only hope they have of finding the pair. Well they get caught. Jax discovers that Vadet has had Kajin brainwashed into thinking that he is a Sith and that the Jedi captured him. It turns out that Dejah is more duplicious than anyone realized. She betrayed them to Vader. Dejah could sense the Force in a manner of speaking. She disliked the fact that Jax denied her this emotional feast by cloaking his use of the Force. Of course neither Vader nor the Inquisitos did any such thing so she was completely entranced and would do anything to feed off the power.

In hopes of freeing everyone or most of everyone, Jax gives Vader two of the three things he wants- the bota and the polonium. The third the was the Sith holocron.

Vader although a Sith could never reach his full potential because he was not a whole human. To augment his ability he needed the bota (which grants oneness with the Force) plus he needed the plolnium which is an unlimited though somewhat unstable power source. The Sith holocron would teach him how to use Sith alchemy to achieve this power.

Oh Laranth had the bota. But the bota had an unintended affect on Vader- it made him and his usage of the Force unstable. The bota as it turned out magnifies the flaws as well. Vader ended up destroying all of his Inquisitors except for Kajin and he inadvertantly killed Dejah as well. By this point Rhinnan snapped and attacked Vader. As revenge for nor having got a taste of the bota he jumped out the window taking Vader with him.

The rest of the group with Kajin who was unconscious at this point escaped. Jax did realize after being around Vader that Vader’s pattern in the Force was identical to Anakin. No two individuals has the same pattern.

Vader’s loss of control damaged Kajin to the point that they had to send him off planet to the care of the Silent Ones. They are Force users who specialize in healing.

Jax and Laranth begin a relationship and they look for the next person to help.

This was interesting. I didn’t see the twist and turns coming- like Dejah for instance. The way the story ended they could easily write more adventures with the pair. I’d really like to see what happens with Kajin.


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