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Six words you never want to hear

I didn’t have anything to write for today’s post, but then the following happened.
I pulled my car up to the local gas station on Saturday night. The gas attendant asked how much gas I wanted and took my card as usual. (Oh, in NJ it’s against the law to pump your own gas. It’s wonderful on freezing days let me tell you.)
I didn’t pay him any attention as he went to ring me up. I was thinking about uploading to my blog as I recall or maybe I was thinking about the time change or the new clothes I bought. Heck it may have been all three.
The attendant walk back to my car after servicing the vehicle in front of me and asked, “Did you give me this card?” He was holding a credit card, but in the dark I couldn’t see it. Six words guaranteed to put dread in anyone’s heart.
“Wh- what?” I stammered weakly.
“This is your card right. It’s, uh, Barbara?” For those of you who didn’t know, my first name is Brooke.
“What!!” I stated a little more firmly after recovering my composure. I guess the guy knew he was in or going to be in pretty big trouble. He hastily scrambled with the card looking for the name.
“Uh, Brooke?” He asked hopefully.
“Yes. That’s right.”
He began to stammer nervously, “I couldn’t remember whose card I had. The lady in front said she didn’t give me a card.” The pump clicked so he walked off to remove the nozzle.
I was left shaking my head. I always did wonder if gas attendants ever got the credit cards mixed up. But that was pure speculation on my part. I never really wanted to experience it myself. So what about the rest of you? Has any type of attendant taken your card and given you someone else’s?
Since you are here, I’ll like to remind you that the Blog Party starts on The Bluestocking Guide on March 20,2009 at midnight sharp. The party lasts a week. I’ve having 14 authors visit that week, and I believe there will be 9 book raffles, plus I will have a contest or two. Don’t forget!!!


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