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The Suburban Dragob

Sorry!!! No Star Trek this week.

I received this little story courtesy of Bostick Communications.

Three little children, Anthony, Garrett, and Aimee are stuck inside on a rainy day. Like most children they are bored. So Mommy decides to read them some familiar stories. It doesn’t work too well, because like most children they are bored. That is until the Dragon appears and kidnaps Mommy.

The children devise and execute a creative plan to rescue their Mommy and “slay” the dragon so to speak. But they have a surprise waiting because not all dragons are bad.

This was a cute little story. If any of my little cousins were around, I’d read it to them. These kids remind me of my sister and I as children minus the boredom. My sister and I were two extremely imaginative kids. In fact my mom would refuse to come in our room because she felt it was booby trapped. Well we did have “pulleys” hanging from the ceiling when we tried to stage the Barbie rendition of Cinderella.


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