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Homicide in Hardcover

This was a fun, light read. The story begins with Brooklyn Wainright, who is a book binding being invited to a book restoration party being thrown by her former mentor Abraham Karastovsky. The pair parted on less than friendly terms when she decided to go to college to earn a degree in restoration. But when the pair meet, it is clear Abraham wants nothing more than to forgive and forget. He tells her that he got a contract to restore a priceless copy of Goethe’s Faust. Oh did I mention that the book is supposedly cursed.
This party goes smoothly, well right up until the point when Abraham is murdered. Before he dies, he utters, “Remember the devil.” Of course Brooklyn is found standing over the body with blood on her hands. So naturally she is suspect number one. So the police are investigating her, not to mention Derek Stone, who is a security officer, hired by the insurance company presumably.
The book certain seems cursed. Abraham is the first in a string of murders. All the people have had some connection to Faust. So Brooklyn must find the murderer, restore the Faust, and keep from becoming a victim herself.
This was a nice easy read. I think the parts I enjoyed the most were where the character was going into the process of restoring the book. It just had a lot of fascinating details. I think I read this one right after The House of the Seven Gables; so it was blessed relief.


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