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Married to the Office Gone Far

So imagine the following hypothetical…
Hypothetically speaking, a young associate is working late one night with a partner. The associate’s stomach growls around 6 pm sharp which coincides with the typical feeding time. Hypothetically the partner in a generous mood offers the bounty that his office affords.
Of course the associate is expecting the typical office drawer fare of chocolate, chips, perhaps some granola bars. As a result, the associate is poleaxed to discover the partner has 2 cans of soup, 2 cans of red beans and rice, at least 5 or 6 cans of tuna fish and a can of chicken breast, and last but not least ramen-like substance.
The partner proudly chortles, “I’ve got a store in here. If I ever get snowed in the office, I’ll be good for a while. So what do you want?”
The associate weakly replies, “I’ll have the beef soup.” Meanwhile the hapless adult thinks a few things that shall not be repeated in polite society. The associate breaks out of Alcatraz leaves at 7:45 pm planning to purchase a spouse and children (ASAP) so as not to end up with this same fate. It is no doubt supposed that the partner will sup either on the canned goods or polish off what was left of the office luncheon.
The associate decides to spring for an ejector seat on the partner’s next birthday.


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