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2009 Party Post

Welcome to The Bluestocking Guide:Reviews by a Partial, Prejudiced, and Ignorant Reader.

I’m Bluestocking the webmistress of this site. I’m a book blogger. So everything on this site is about books- book releases, author news, and most importantly book giveaways!! So this week I thought I’d give you new visitors a small snip of what I do. So I’m happy to announce that 14 authors have agreed to stop by for the party this week. Better yet, there will be 9 book giveaways! Oh yeah! I’m also giving away gift cards, Godiva chocolate, and magnetic bookmarks. So let me tell you a little bit about my site. But first, check out the links to the right. Subscribe to my book review blog and podcast to keep up with the new stuff.

The Welcome page and About Me section are self explanatory.

Book Reviews- this is where all the magic happens! On this blog you will find the latest book reviews, author birthdays and book giveaways. Some of the books will be sneak previews, meaning that the author/publisher/publicist sent me a copy in advance of the general release date. Also, Hatchette Book Group (they brought us Twilight) regularly offers me books to giveaway here on my blog. So visit often.

Inklings- this is my podcast. Instead of doing transcibed interviews, I record our telephone interviews and post them for all to hear. You can download episodes through iTunes. There will be 3 interviews this week.

The Wall of Fame- send me something memorable and you too will have immortality here.

Store- I have an Amazon store set up so that you can purchase books I highly recommend. There are also purchase links on the individual reviews.

Index- if you are looking for a book, I’ve got my reviews cross-referenced by Author, Genre, and Rating. Oh! If you don’t understand the rating system, just click on Book Reviews. On the right hand side under the picture you’ll see them.

So are you ready to meet my a-list guests? Here are the visiting authors. Most of them will be guest posting, I will hyperlink their post to their name which will make the text orange.

Lillie Amman author of Dream or Destiny (signed book giveaway)
Heidi Thomas author of Cowgirl Dreams (bookmark raffle)
Charlotte and Mark Phillips authors of Hacksaw (book giveaway)
Chris Tusa author of Dirty Little Angels (random giveaway)
Christina Rodriguez, children’s illustrator (Random giveaway)
Joan De la Haye, author of Shadows (ebook giveaway)
J. R. LaGreca, author of Afternoon Tea (random giveaway)
Anne Cordwainer, author of Modern Magic (book giveaway)
Katie Hines, author of Guardian (random giveaway)
Bob Sanchez, author of Getting Lucky (random giveaway)
Carolyn Hart, author of Ghost at Work and Dare to Die (2 book giveaways)
Marta Hiatt, author of Memories of Times Past (signed book giveaway)
Penelope Przekop, author of Aberrations (book giveaway)

Sounds like fun right! So anyway, Lillie and Heidi are the first two authors visiting. Click on the name to go to the post. Thank you for visiting! I hope to see you again. Leave a comment so I can visit you.


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