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A Journey from Fairytales to Horror

By Joan De la Haye

I first started writing when I was about twelve, although my mother and grandmother will tell you I started when they first put a pencil in my hand. My first story was a Fairytale called ‘The Wonderful World of Candy-floss.’ Now remember I was twelve when I wrote it, so please no judgement on the title.

I got the idea for the story from a poster hanging in my mothers office, during a school holiday. It’s still one of the most beautiful posters I’ve seen with fairies, pixies and birds. The story revolved around a young Fairy Princess called Primula and a war against the Goblins. I sent it off to a South African publisher, who promptly rejected it because my spelling was atrocious.
I still have that rejection note and I still can’t spell.

As a child, I also had very vivid nightmares – the kind where you wake up in a cold sweat and your heart is racing. Now As an adult I still have them. I decided to turn those nightmares into stories. It’s a very cathartic experience. The opening scene in ‘Shadows’ is based on one of my nightmares. The book then developed from there and got a life of it’s own.

Shadows also combines two elements that fascinate me, namely the Supernatural, in the guise of a Demon called Jack, and the human mind. I find it very disturbing when I look around and see what we, as humans, do to each other. To me, it’s a type of madness. And it’s that madness that I’ve described in Shadows.

If you would like to know more about Shadows, or Demons, or the Psychological aspects in the book please stop by my blog:

Joan is offering a copy of Shadows as an ebook. This is open to international residents. The contest closes in two weeks. 


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