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Dare to Die

by Carolyn Hart
This book is rated LI
This is the 19th book in the Death on Demand series. For those visitors for the Ultimate Blog Party, this is an advanced review meaning that I received this book from the author/publisher/publicist prior to the release date, which is March 31, 2009. What this means is that I won’t spoil the ending of the book. My policy is that I spoil books that are already on the market.
Annie Darling is the owner of Death on Demand which is a specialty mystery bookstore. She and her husband Max are eagerly awaiting the restoration of their home on the island. Things in the town are quite until a woman named Iris returns to the island- in the rain, alone, and on a bicycle.
It turns out that Iris left the island 10 years ago, after the death of her classmate Jocelyn Howard. Iris has returned after battling her demons with drugs. She come to make amends for the past. Annie befriends Iris and invites her to their party at the pavilion which was the site of Jocelyn’s death years ago. Stranger still, all of Jocelyn’s classmates still live in the town and will be present at the party. Well lightening strikes twice, Annie finds Jocelyn’s body later on that evening.
Well this complicates things considerably. Iris’ death was clearly not an accident. And it’s beginning to seem as though Jocelyn’s death wasn’t an accident either. In order to solve this murder, Annie and Max will have to take a walk down memory lane. Jocelyn Howard was a beautiful, talented girl- the sun around which everyone revolved. Someone clearly resented being in her orbit.
This was a really good book. I didn’t figure it out until the end. I forgot how rough high school was. Everyone trying to fit in to have friends. I’m glad I don’t have to repeat that portion of my life again.


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