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Star Trek TNG: A Time to Sow

This is the third book in the Time to Be Born series. Over 200 years ago, the Dokaalan sent a probe into outer space. Their world was doomed. They were calling out to anyone who could help them. The Vulcan’s found the message first. After examining the probe, they determined that the incidence had happened in the past and that the world had already been destroyed. At that point, Earth was still dealing with the Xindi. Not to mention, it didn’t have any long range ships like that.
Fresh from the Rashanar fiasco, the Enterprise is assigned to investigate this mystery. They discover a remainder of the Dokaalan people struggling to survive on an asteroid. This book starts off more leisurely. They gave a lot of background on the people. It’s done primarily through the journal of character Hjatyn.
Anyway, the Enterprise steps in when one of the reactor cores of the mining facilities. The crew offer technology that will help the Dokaalan speed up their terraforming project. During the crews visit with this race, it becomes readily apparent that something is not right. While Crusher is treating the Dokaalan injured when the react blew, they started showing systemic failure in their bodies. Even though their injuries were healed, they were slowly dying. In addition some of the Dokaalan, especially those on the ruling counsel, don’t trust the crew. Finally, it seems that someone is trying to sabotage the Dokaalan’s mining facility, not to mention deactivate Data. The plot thickens even more when LaForge and Taurik discover that some of the Dokaalan have first generation phaser pistols from the Federation. It seems that at least some of the Dokaalan have outside contacts. When the book ends, there are several terrorist strikes on the asteroids, and hundreds are dead or dying. So the crew must discover what is going on in this system.


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