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The Nine Lessons

August Witte has never wanted children. He doesn’t feel that he is capable of being a good father because he had the worst father imaginable. His father London is an avid golfer and appears to value golf as much as life. He also values the game more than he values his son.
Of course, August’s wife Erin ends up pregnant. Of course she would, because what kind of story would it be if a man like August didn’t have to face his fears. So like many men who find themselves in such a position, he decides to blame someone and that someone happens to be his father.
Oddly enough London agrees to teach him about golf. He will give a lesson for every month of Erin’s pregnancy. In exchange, August gets his father’s diary written on the back of golf scoring cards. These cards contain memories of his mother, who died when he was a small child.
At first the games seem to be just about the game of golf. But August quickly realizes that many of life’s lessons can be learned from the game of golf. As the months progress, August learns a great deal about the game, life, and his mother. He also learns a lot about his father- how much his father loved him. Is August finally prepared to be a father- no, but then again who is? But the most important and final lesson that he learns from his father is to get down on his knees a pray.
What an awesome book. It was really different to read a book about impending fatherhood from a man’s perspective. I definitely learned what not to do to my husband when pregnant. I knew that the whole nine months experience was different for men, but I forgot how different. They don’t experience the morning sickness, swollen ankles, and odd cravings; but they also don’t get to feel the constant movement of the baby. Maybe men would be less apprehensive if they had that 9 months of bonding that the woman does. Anyway, it was food for thought. This would make an excellent father’s day present, especially for a father-to-be.

This book is available for purchase May 5, 2009

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