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Dennis Shore is a renown horror writer. People live for his next novel. The only problem is that since the death of his wife he hasn’t been able write anything. So he commits the unpardonable sin for a writer. He publishes another person’s work as his own. The other author’s book receives rave reviews.
On a took tour, he runs into none other than Cillian Reed. The author of the book he co-opted. Reed wants Dennis to pay. Rather than embarrass the man and go public, Reed decides to give Dennis a taste of the horrors about which he’s been writing in his books. Well horror turns out to be more entertaining in books than in life.

At first, Dennis wants to keep the harassment to himself. He’s in a financially precarious position and knows that if this comes out, he will lose everything. When Dennis decides to go to the authorities, he doesn’t tell the police why the man is after him. They think he’s a crazy fan, especially when the police run a background check on the man. Dennis decides to take matters into his own hands, but it is not really clear what Cillian wants- retribution or to help Dennis in some twisted fashion.

In addition to being a horror novel, this book is also about personal growth. Dennis has allowed his grief, to make him a shell of his former self. He has essentially stopped living. We also see that this is a book of Spiritual growth. The question he constantly considers is why God took his wife. This is definitely not the typical Christian fiction novel. In fact the religion was so subtle as to be non-existent until the very end.

This is the first time a book made the hair on the back of my neck raise and stay raised. I enjoy shows like Supernatural, but I’ve never had such feelings of apprehension when reading any book.
In the opinion of this partial, prejudiced, and ignorant reader, Mr. Thrasher did an excellent job. Definitely pick this one up, but you might not want to eat anything while reading this book. There were some stomach turning moments.

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