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Enemies and Allies

Kevin is at it again. If you weren’t aware, Kevin wrote a book that came out last year called The Last Son of Krypton. I didn’t get around to reading that one. But I received this one in the mail, courtesy of Bostick Communication.
This story is when the Man of Steel meets the Dark Knight. The story starts off with quite the bang. If you read my Tuesday Teaser, then you know that Batman is set up by the Gotham police because they view him as an outlaw. I personally think that’s a bit rich coming from all of them as the Gotham police force is corrupt as anything.
Soon after this, Bruce Wayne, the playboy owner of Wayne Enterprises, is interviewed by none other than Clark Kent and Jimmy Olson for a feature in the Daily Planet. The story then follows Clark back to Metropolis where we see him save the passengers on a sinking ferry.
Then of course, you’ve got to throw in Lex Luthor who is as usually trying to take over the world; and let’s not forget Lois Lane who is a no nonsense woman trying to make it in a man’s world.
Batman and Superman get off to a pretty rough start. Superman catches Batman sealing from Lex Luthor. Superman being the someone naive man that he is thinks that Batman deserves his criminal reputation. Batman thinks that Superman is one of Luthor’s henchman.
Both men show a good deal of character growth in this novel. Bruce Wayne realizes that his playboy imagine has been empowering Luther Corp. He must take the more responsible role to keep the world safe. Clark Kent on the other hand realizes that he has a devastating weakness- kryptonite. He is also fighting his feelings of isolation; he literally is an alien. He has no sense of identity with his people and no ties to his heritage. Both men overcome their initial reticence to one another and realize that at times they will need to work with one another to keep the world safe.
This story was vintage Batman and Superman. This story takes place during the Cold War. Perry White is the editor of the Daily Planet. I had to laugh when he kept popping out with “Great Caesar’s Ghost.” Although I do like Batman, I’m more of a Superman kind of girl due to Smallville. This book differs from that story line greatly. The Clark Kent of Smallville has lost a lot of his naivete by the time he begins working for the Daily Planet. In addition, he has fought Doomsday, met Kara (his cousin), defeated Brainiac and others from the Phantom Zone. So he knows a lot more about his heritage. He considers himself human.
But for all of those who remember Batman and Superman from the good old days, this book will be right up your alley. Which brings me to the best part of the review- A GIVEAWAY!
Harper Collins was kind enough to send me TWO books. Obviously, I’m keeping one for myself, but I’m giving one away to one of you lucky readers. To enter the raffle, leave a comment. This contest will be open for 3 weeks. I should add that this would probably be a great Father’s Day present.

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