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The Rivers Run Dry

Raleigh Harmon is a Special Agent with the FBI- she’s a forensic geologist. Because she didn’t play by the rules at her last job, she ends up being transferred from Richmond to Seattle. She’s one of few agents, and her fellow agents like treating her like a go-for.
But she gets to prove herself, when a local rich girl, Courtney VanAlstyne goes missing. Then a ransom note appears. Raleigh is determined to find this young woman no matter what and find the person who kidnapped her.
I know. That was a really short review. But as it is a mystery, I don’t want to spoil the ending. I mean that’s the fun of mysteries. I really enjoyed this book. Raleigh isn’t the stereotypical female agent. She has a heart for people. This is clearly seen from the lengths that she went to help Felicia a prostitute and alcoholic. What I thought was particularly interesting is that Raleigh has never told her mother that she is an FBI agent. I’ve heard of protecting people you love, but I think that is going overboard.
I did think that the story was unique. In this day and age of CSI and attendant wanna-be-CSI it is difficult to find a different forensic story. I liked the fact that the science was all about rocks and soil composition. I enjoyed the detail that was given about mining in that area.
So if you are looking for a good, relatively clean forensic story, you might want to try this one.

Sibella Giorello began her writing career as a journalist. Her stories have won awards, including two nominations for the Pulitzer. Her novel The Stones Cry Out won a Christy Award. She lives in Washington state with her husband and family.

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