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Farwold: Air Keep

Farworld Air Keep
Author: J. Scott Savage

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: L

Spoiler Filled Synopsis: This is book three in the series. After 2+ years, the third book was finally published. If you were not aware, Shadow Moutain held off on publishing due to the economy. I got to tell you that it was killing me.

Anyway, this story picks up where the last story ended. Master Therapass has determined that one of Marcus’ parents was from the Shadow Realm. As a result, it is particularly dangerous for him to travel between Earth and Farworld. Until Master Therapass can find a way to minimize the danger, he must stay on Earth. When the story begins, he has been on Earth for 6 months. Farwold has not faired well in his absence. There are droughts in places, floods in others, and icestorms elsewhere. Not to mention there are very odd earthquakes. Water magic and land magic are weak. It is as though the Fontasians and Land Elementals are working with the Dark Circle. Kyja, meanwhile, is going nuts without Marcus. She decides to scry him. She’s caught, and Master Therapass tells her that she must wait a little bit longer before she brings Marcus over. Meanwhile, Marcus gets a strange note from someone he does not know and is taken somewhere that he can’t be scried. He is taken to a place where he can see what Was, Is, Will Be, and Never Was.

Kyja does defy Master Therapass and brings Marcus over because she senses that he is in grave danger wherever he is. The pair are put under guard, but they know that they must find the Aerisians. Guess who arrives to help them, the elusive Mr. Z. that they met in Land Keep.

The Aerisians have a very odd sense of humor. In fact it can be dangerous at times. But there is something that is unknown about the Aerisians. They are locked in their keep. It appears that they’ve always been outside of Farworld (much like the Fire Elementals). They will agree to help the pair provided that they can open the box that traps them. In order to do this the pair must travel through time. Oh yes, the lords of air also freeze time. If they don’t open the box, then Marcus and Kyja will be sent back to normal time, and be unable to prevent a number of cities from being destroyed.

Bluestocking’s Learned Opinion: I remember why I loved reading this series so much. It is fast paced. The story is definitely getting into its stride now. I was flying through the pages.

Things that will undoubtably place a larger part in the next book:
1. We discover that everyone in the town in which Marcus was born was killed.
2. There is also a prophecy that someone’s family is searching. Perhaps Kyja.
3. The secret of Marcus’ parentage.

Some very interesting things we learn in this book:
1. It is safe for Kyja to pull Marcus over at high noon when there are no shadows.
2. The elementals each lack very important traits. For instance, the Fontasians (water elementals) have no sense of humor. The Aerisians can’t trust. So it will be interesting to see what character trait the fire elementals lack.


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