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Star Trek Voyager: the Eternal Tide

20130225-215024.jpgAuthor: Kirsten Beyer

Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera

Rating: LI

Synopsis: I hate to use the blurb on the back of the book, but as I am so behind on reviews it will have to do until I get caught up!

As the Voyager fleet continues its exploration of the Delta Quadrant, investigating the current status of sectors formerly controlled by the Borg becomes a key priority. Two of the fleet’s special mission vessels, the U.S.S. Galen and U.S.S. Demeter, are left at New Talax to aid Neelix’s people, while the Voyager, Quirinal, Esquiline, Hawking, and Curie do a systematic search for any remnants of the Borg or Caeliar, even as the Achilles moves to a location central enough to offer aid to the exploring vessels as needed. As this critical mission begins, Fleet Commander Afsarah Eden, who has shared what little she knows of her mysterious past with Captain Chakotay, begins to experience several more “awakenings” as she encounters artifacts and places that make her feel connected to her long-lost home. She is reluctant to allow these visions to overshadow the mission, and this becomes increasingly difficult as time passes. But in the midst of this growing crisis, no one in the fleet could anticipate the unexpected return of one of Starfleet’s most revered leaders—a return that could hold the very fate of the galaxy in the balance.

Bluestokcing’s Learned Opinion: Part of this plot was a little bit strained for me-namely bringing Janeway back from the dead. I had often thought that killing Janeway off in Before Dishonor was a bad idea. I mean they had not long returned to the Alpha Quadrant. I think a whole time travel element would have been a less hokey way to bring her back rather than using Q. That said, I’m glad that she’s back. I like the explanation that they give for the origins of the Omega particle. If you will remember from the show that there was an Omega directive in addition to the Prime Directive.

The Omega particle is a very unstable element. It has the ability to destroy sub space for several light years. If any Starfleet captain comes into contact with this particle, they are to destroy it at all costs.

The Omega Directive started in the book Star Trek Section 31 Cloak by S.D. Perry. In that book it took Enterprise several months to return to unaffected space. In The Destiny Trilogy, we learn that the Caeliar have learned to successfully harness the Omega particle. In this book, we learn that the Omega particle is merely a shade of the real thing which has enough power to destroy the universe. The Omega particle exists in the Omega continuum which is the opposite of the Q continuum (possesses all the creative power of the universe).

I thought it was very interesting the way this author decided to take the Q. In every prior book, the Q have been portrayed as above it all. They descend to mingle with lesser life forms every now and then, but mostly they keep to themselves. It was interesting to see them have to deal with loss of life which is something they are totally ill equipped to handle.

I’m very curious to see how and where they will take Voyager as a series.


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