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Star Trek Vanguard: What Judgments Come

What Judgments Come

Author:   Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore

Genre:    Science Fiction

Rating:    LI

Spoiler Filled Synopsis:  This book takes place immediately following Precipice.  As you know, Diego Reyes, the Commodore of the station, was court-martialed. for allowing Tim Pennington to publish a report about what was really going on in the Taurus Reach.  Reyes was supposed to be sent to a penal colony with the Federation, but ended up being captured by the Klingons and then finally was with the Orions- specifically he was being housed on the Orion ship that was docked to Vanguard station.  Starfleet couldn’t do anything about it.  So in order to extract Reyes, the Orions would have actually had to harm him.

Anyway, as you know the character Bridy Mac was killed in Declassified.  She and Quinn went to a planet where the Shedai Apostate existed.  The Apostate told them that the TKon empire had developed some devices that could capture the Shedai.  Bridy sacrificed her life to keep this knowledge from falling into the hand of the Kingons.  Quinn is still mourning.  T’Prynn decides to use Reyes as a spy.  The Orions had a device that could imprison the Shedai, and Starfleet wanted to know where they obtained the device.  Reyes agreed to be the spy to get the information.    T’Prynn does manage to extract Reyes.  They discover the world where the Orions found the devices and dispatch a ship to obtain more.

Meanwhile, some of the crew attempt to communicate with the Shedai Wanderer who had been imprisoned in one of the devices.  The reader discovers that the Wanderer is imprisoned with the Progenitor.  The attempt at communication disrupted the device to the point that the Wanderer was able to escape.

This entire story is told flash back style by Reyes.  Starfleet gave him a new identity and banished him from the Federation.  Tim Pennington tracked him down.  The last book is called Storming Heaven, and it is told from Pennington’s point of view about the last days of the station.

Bluestocking’s Learned Opinion:  This is definitely not one of my favorite series.  There is a lot of set up in this series.  I am imagining that some of these events will play a bigger part in books to come.  I enjoyed learning more about the Tkon Empire.  There was a 3 story arc featuring this empire.  In that arc, Q takes Picard on a tour of his life to show him why he tests humanity.  Q meets another non-corporeal entity who appears to be Shedai.  From what was revealed by the Apostate, the Shedai caused the Tkon sun to go nova.  In that arc, that non-corporeal entity destroyed the Tkon sun.  The Tkon were very advance.  They had built a huge transporter device to replace their sun with a new star.  I will be interested in seeing the last book.  Capturing the Shedai just does not seem like a very good idea at all.


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