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The Weird Sisters



“What if something had happened?

“Then I’m sure one of the three other able-bodied adults in the house, if not all of you, would have handled it with alacrity.”

Author: Eleanor Brown

Genre: General

Rating: LI


There is no problem that a library card can’t solve.

The Andreas family is one of readers. Their father, a renowned Shakespeare professor who speaks almost entirely in verse, has named his three daughters after famous Shakespearean women. When the sisters return to their childhood home, ostensibly to care for their ailing mother, but really to lick their wounds and bury their secrets, they are horrified to find the others there. See, we love each other. We just don’t happen to like each other very much. But the sisters soon discover that everything they’ve been running from-one another, their small hometown, and themselves-might offer more than they ever expected.

Bluestocking’s Learned Opinion: Well if there was ever a reason not to name your children after characters in a book, this book shows you. Rose, Bianca, and Cordelia grew up on Shakespeare the way the rest of us grew up on, well, everything else. They identified themselves with the characters for which they were named; they also identified with the three witches in MacBeth. Of course the word weird in this play is really “wyrd” which means fate. These women were desperately trying to escape fate. The problem is that they really didn’t know what their fates were. At the beginning of the book, all the women were trying to live what they saw as their destinies. It didn’t work very well. All of them ended back at home with their parents.

The thing about coming back home is that you come back to take your place in the old family pecking order without considering whether things should stay that way. Most people stay trapped. These three didn’t stay trapped in the family pecking order. They changed and grew.

I disagree that the women “didn’t like each other very much.” Throughout the book, there was example after example of the fact that they did like each other. Sure they exasperated one another, but even best friends do that. I was glad that each of the women were brave enough to move passed their hang ups and make better choices. I have to say Rose irritated me the most. I mean if my fiancé got a good job in England, I’d move there in a heartbeat!!! Shoot my enthusiasm would probably scare him into wondering was he making the right choice.

Ultimately, all the women were crippled by the fact that they were living in their father’s shadow. He was brilliant, no doubt about that. I can understand that. My dad’s side of the family is very educated; I think there are only 3 Ivy League schools that have never had a member of our family grace them with our presence. I definitely felt the pressure when it was time to go to college. (I went to Johns Hopkins if you were wondering.). But for your own sake, you just have to break away and find the beat of your own drum. I think the mom and dad could have made this a lot easier on their children, if they’d been paying more attention.


11 thoughts on “The Weird Sisters

  1. I listened to it and thought the relationships of the sister was quite realistic (I have 5 sisters so I could relate on some level). I liked the book.

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