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The Black Country

The Black Country


The blue dot in the center ringed a smaller black spot and reminded her of something, but it was out of context and it took her a long moment to place it.

And then she did, and it was an eye and the eye was looking at her.

Author: Alex Grecian

Genre: Mystery

Rating: LI


The British Midlands. Inhabitants call it the “Black Country”—and with good reason. Bad things happen there.

When three members of a prominent family disappear from the Midlands—and a human eyeball is discovered in a bird’s nest—Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad is called in. But Inspector Walter Day and Sergeant Nevil Hammersmith have stepped into something much more bizarre and complicated than expected.

Superstitions abound in the intertwined histories of the villagers, including a local legend about a monster some claim to have seen. In addition, a mysterious epidemic is killing off the inhabitants, and the village itself is sinking into the coal mines below. Day and Hammersmith soon realize that they, too, are in over their heads. And the more they investigate, the more they fear that they may never be allowed to leave.

Bluestocking’s Opinion: Wow!! There were so many elements to this story. I the local monster and epidemic were completely independent events, but it turns out that there was some overlap between the two. I was really surprised by the reason behind the disappearance of the family. Actually it was more like very disturbed. I couldn’t believe what actually happened to the missing boy. Who would imagine that a child would be capable of so much evil!!! In a way, I’m glad that the child was “taken care of” at the end. I can’t even imagine how policemen, particularly in that time, would have dealt with something like this. There didn’t seem to be as many psychotic people back then. Hopefully my opinion, makes you decide to pick this one up!!


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