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The Tea Shop on Lavender Lane



The shrimp salsa in phyllo cups had been an especially big hit. “Oh, my God, this is to die for,” Angelica Winston (from the new reality show Hard Ass had raved.

Author: Sheila Roberts

Genre: Chick Lit

Rating: LI

Source: Advanced Review


When it comes to men, sisters don’t share!

After a fake food poisoning incident in L.A., Bailey Sterling’s dreams of becoming a caterer to the stars collapse faster than a soufflé. Now Bailey’s face is in all the gossip rags and her business is in ruins. But the Sterling women close ranks and bring her back to Icicle Falls, where she’ll stay with her sister Cecily.

All goes well between the sisters until Bailey comes up with a new business idea—a tea shop on a charming street called Lavender Lane. She’s going into partnership with Todd Black, who—it turns out—is the man Cecily’s started dating. It looks to Cecily as if there’s more than tea brewing in that cute little shop. And she’s not pleased.

Wait! Isn’t Cecily seeing Luke Goodman? He’s a widower with an adorable little girl, and yes, Cecily does care about him. But Todd’s the one who sends her zing-o-meter off the charts. So now what? Should you have to choose between your sister and the man you love (or think you love)?

Bluestocking’s Opinion: So this one was a doozy. It was a light, fun read. The ending was typical of books in this genre. In reality, I don’t think that the sisters would have continued to be friends. I think they would have hated each other for life and only made up once one was on her death bed. LOL. That sounds like the plot of some other book that I read. If you are looking for a nice beach read this is the one for you.

FTC Disclosure

I received a copy of this book from the publisher/author. I, unlike the New York Times Book Review, did not receive money for my review which is why my review is more honest. This is a concept that the FTC fails to grasp. Contrary to popular belief, advanced review copies of books are not work a great deal monetarily speaking. In fact most books are worth less than half its value within a year of purchase. This is another concept the FTC has not grasped. If you purchase a book that I thought highly of and do not like, that is life. Taste in books is subjective. This is a concept that some asinine person in the FTC has not yet grasped. The purpose of the statement is to comply with the FTC regulation while providing a not so subtle hint that they are not the brightest bulbs in the box and that they should sped their time doing more worthwhile things than hounding people who have book blogging hobbies.


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